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Commercial Services


Denver's Handyman Services has completed many restaurant projects over the past year, ranging from facelifts, to new image layouts, to basic repairs of tiles, laminate and light fixtures. We can schedule your remodel or repairs around your restaurant hours so that customers don't experience construction and you don't lose any customers because of it.


Our team prides itself on being extremely clean and can work mornings, afternoons, or evenings to complete the project with minimal inconvenience to your business and your customers.


We offer a wide range of services for our restaurants. If you need further information on your remodel or repair or would like to schedule an estimate, please email or call us today.

Office Spaces

Our services for offices spaces range from moving furniture, to building walls and painting. We also offer repair services on damaged walls, floors and ceilings.


In most cases, we can provide an accurate estimate over the phone, depending on the project. However if that can't be done we are normally able to have an estimate for you within 24 hours of visiting the property.


We offer competitive rates and we can provide flexible schedule to work around your office staff and customers. For more information or for an estimate, please call or email us.

Building Maintenance

We can help your place of business with all of those important building maintenance task no one wants to do or has time to do. We understand that every building is different, so we offer a maintenance plan that caters to each of our commercial clients.


To get started, we schedule a time to meet with you and visit your building. We then provide you with a free maintenance progam assessment, so that you can assess what repairs need to be done, what can wait, and what maintenance should be performed on a regular basis. Whether you decide to work with our team at Denver's Handyman Services as your maintenance provider or not, you can still keep the assessment, free of charge.

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